Redmi Phone Price Increased In India - See Full Lists

Hey guys so recently Xiaomi increased their phone price in india and in this post we will talk why Xiaomi Increased Their Smartphones Price In India So Let's Get directly into details without wasting more time.

So On April 1st Xiaomi Announced that they will increase all mi And Redmi Smartphone Price In India Because Of GST Taxes Hike In 2020 India Budget. So let's know about the latest price of all mi and redmi smartphones in this post also we will compare with old price that how much price increase in these smartphones.

So here we have attached the photos of some redmi and mi  smartphones as this is expensive now.

Why Redmi Increased Their Smartphones Price In India?

As we already know that on 1st April the GST rate is increasing from 12 percent to 18 percent in India and that's why we see this price hike in these smartphones.

Also it is bad news for people's because due to lockdown many people are waiting to buy new phone after lockdown but as the price increase of these smartphones many people gonna upset with this news.

Recently the Redmi note 9 pro was launched and many Xiaomi lovers are gonna buy that as they are excited for that but as price increase they might wait or buy other phone.

Xiaomi Redmi note 9 pro was launched at 12999 Price and by 1000 rupees increase in this smartphone and now it is available on 13999 Now for Base Varient which is 4 GB Ram with 64 GB Storage.

Conclusion: So In This Post We Have Talked About The India Increased The GST Taxes And Their Affection Of Smartphone Market, How Xiaomi Increased Their Smartphones Price in India Because Of This, also we try to cover the old price and new price Of All Mi And Redmi Smartphones So I Hope You Like My Post Don't Forget To Share This With Your Friends Who Are Gonna Buy A New Redmi Or Any Other Smartphone In This Month.

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